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Also known as personal care assistants, caregivers, home health or personal care aides, provide assistance to people who are sick, injured, mentally or physically disabled, or the elderly and fragile. They work in the home and help their clienteles with everyday activities, such as bathing and bathroom functions, feeding, grooming, taking medication, and some housework. They assist clients in making and keeping appointments with doctors, provide or arrange transportation, make and serve meals, make sure they take their medicine and serve as a companion for their clients.




Job Requirements:
  • Child Abuse History Clearance
  • State Police Criminal Background Check
  • FBI Fingerprinting Background Check
  • Physician Physical
  • TB Screening
  • First Aid / CPR Certificate
  • Valid Driving License / State Identification Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
Job Skills:
  • Empathy: Clients are weak, impaired, in pain and need help. Being sympathetic to their needs and understanding is necessary.
  • Attention to Detail: Some clients have specific rules or schedules that must be minded, or specific dietary or physical rules that must be followed.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Personal care assistants work in a very personal way with their clients. Some will be in pain or very sensitive to their fragility. They must be sensitive and compassionate with clients.
  • Stamina: Personal care assistants might need to lift clients into the bathtub, cars and into bed, and need strength.
  • Time Management: Personal care assistants are schedule keepers. They have to be there to make sure clients get up on time, make sure medication is taken on schedule and clients get to appointments on time.


Main role is to provide basic care to patients, as well as assist them in daily activities they might have trouble with on their own, such as bathing. Because of the personal nature of the job, a certified nursing assistant job description must include people skills and the ability to be compassionate and enjoy helping others.

HHAs also serve as a conduit between patients and nurses and doctors and record and communicate all issues to medical staff.


Valid Nursing License / Nursing Aide Certificate

Job Requirements:
  1. HIHA
  2. State Police Criminal Background Check
  3. FBI Fingerprinting Background Check
  4. Physician Physical
  5. TB Screening
  6. Valid Driving License / State Identification Card
  7. Birth Certificate
  8. Social Security Card
  9. First Aid / CPR Certificate
  10. Hoyer Lift Experience
Job Skills:

HHAs assist patients with daily activities and while some HHAs have additional responsibilities, such as administering medication, the core functions on the job include:

  1. Bathe and dress patients
  2. Serve meals and help patients eat
  3. Take vital signs
  4. Turn or reposition patients who are bedridden
  5. Collect information about conditions and treatment plans from caregivers, nurses and doctors
  1. Provide and empty bedpans
  2. Lift patients into beds, wheelchairs, exam tables, etc.
  3. Answer patient calls
  4. Examine patients for bruises, blood in urine or other injuries/wounds
  5. Clean and sanitize patient areas
  6. Change bed sheets and restock rooms with necessary supplies
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