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Bathing And Showering Services for adults 18-65+

Looking for accessible bathing and shower facilities for adults with disabilities?

Maintaining personal hygiene and keeping a bathing schedule is essential in our everyday lives, but it can be hard to accomplish on your own. HERITAGE HEALTH & HOME CARE LLC recognizes how important it is to have the resources to develop personal care routines so an individual can look and feel their best.

Our Bathing Services take place in a newly renovated Personal Care area which can help provide a completely accessible bathing experience for individuals of all abilities. If your home lacks an accessible shower or an individual just needs assistance when bathing, HERITAGE HEALTH & HOME CARE LLC has the solution.

Bathing Service options

We provide assistance to address every level an adult’s needs. These services may include:

  • Assistance with transferring an individual into a shower chair and utilizing a lift when necessary
  • Assistance with getting dressed and other grooming needs such as hair combing and applying lotion
  • Giving verbal prompts to complete tasks Our Bathing Services…
  • Provide a private space to meet personal care needs with dignity and respect
  • Allow individuals without accessible bathing options to remain living in their own homes
  • Encourage participants to engage actively in self-care activities
  • Create opportunities for skill development in the areas of personal care
  • Make sure modesty and dignity are maintained during bathing

If you have further questions, please let us know by sending them here or giving us a call. We will get back to you as soon as possible.