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Dressing and grooming oneself can improve our self-appearance which can positively affect our self-esteem and our overall well-being. Elderly individuals who regularly refuse to dress and groom themselves, avoid the practice, not because of their to understand the importance of good hygienic practices. Elderly individuals who refuse to change their clothing and refuse to maintain good grooming practices, do so because the task of grooming and dressing oneself becomes more complicated with age. The youth may not consider this, but there will be a point in time when you will need assistance to perform ordinary tasks such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and other tasks that you may consider to be private and ordinary.

When helping an older individual dress and groom, it is imperative to provide assistance with a positive attitude and to maintain patience throughout the process. From their point of view, they may experience discomfort by having someone else help them with such basic and private tasks. They may also be feeling embarrassed or ashamed by the presence of a family or professional caregiver. Whatever the case may be showing respect for the elderly when helping them, will make a caregivers job a lot easier and will allow the elderly person to feel safe and comfortable throughout the process. Our caregivers pride themselves on the ability to provide quality and professional assistance to our elderly loved ones.

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